Quantum Leap In Ourselves

By - Divyanshi Talreja | Posted by - MindCord

Quantum leap is term used for a huge and often sudden advancement in something. The Quantum Leap is something what we need the most in our life! We should always remember that an advancement and an improvement is the most vital need of the hour. If you advance and improve yourself even by 1% a day, you will be improved by 365% in a year. We should remember that there is always something new to learn every day, every hour, every minute and every second. And when we become learners, we improve ourselves. So, let us turn our attention at some ways to have a quantum leap in ourselves.

1.) Review the context of your life: If you review the context of your life, the quality of your life will improve. All smallness will drop away and you will be able to live every moment of your life. Your life revolves around your context. You should be happy in life. All other businesses involve ups and downs, which is natural. Keep your mind in peace in all situations. The rest will be taken care of.

2.) Be enthusiastic and praise others: Enthusiasm is the nature of life. If you be enthusiastic you appear to be more confident and approachable. How would you like to see yourself: Happy and bubbling or dull and difficult to please? The answer is clear. Praising others not only makes them happy but it also makes you feel happy. The feeling cannot be put in words, but it can surely be experienced!

3.) Communicate effectively: Effective communication is really vital for the quantum leap in our lives. It is a skill worth possessing. Most importantly communicating without prejudice is most important. Remember, when your communication Improves your life improves too.

4.) Take out time for yourself: a few quite moments are the source of creativity. The whole day you are engaged in doing some or the other thing, you do not take out time for yourself to think and reflect. Giving time to yourself helps you understand yourself better and your priorities even better.

5.) Don’t look for perfection and don’t be afraid to make mistakes: many a times, you become angry or miserable because of the feverishness for perfection. We should know that perfection is an effort. When we are joyful, we don’t look for perfection. If you are looking for perfection then you are not a source of joy. Mistakes are common. Mistakes of the past are past. When this knowledge comes to you, you become more confident and happier.

6.) Feel that I’m blessed and do random acts of kindness: We always have a thought in our mind- why it is always with me? Why me, God? Remember when God gives you problems, he is setting up certain stepping stones for you. Just smile and accept the problems and failures. Kindness is really important. Kindness can only take place when you feel that you are blessed. Both are directly proportional to each other.

7.) Be a student and compare yourself: you should always be a student. Do not underestimate anyone. Knowledge can come from any corner. The world is your teacher. Always have a comparison between the present you and the past you. If you feel you have changed even a bit, in a positive manner, you have started taking the quantum leap in yourself.

8.) Implement changes if needed: you are often fearful of change. But remember, change is inevitable. You know there is a need to change to improve your life, but you feel good and secured in the old pattern. Gather up the courage to change and you see a better person in yourself after every change. So, let us all promise to ourselves to change in a positive way and to improve our lives.

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