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Quantum Leap In Ourselves

By - Divyanshi Talreja | Posted by - MindCord Quantum leap is term used for a huge and often sudden advancement in something…

Escobar - An Immense Tech Scam

Escobar – an Immense Tech Scam Have you heard of the name Pablo Escobar? He was one of the biggest criminals of all ti…

Grin like a Cheshire Cat

By - Divyanshi Talreja | Posted by - MindCord The smile. A simple gesture but with so much power. Nothing comes close to th…

Green Revolution: Worth the popularity?

By - Divyanshi Talreja | Posted by - Mindcord Development can only take place when all people are actively involved, when th…

The Apple Ecosystem – Advantages

In the previous article, we had seen how Apple has created this very indulgent ecosystem of electronic devices. But the ques…

The Apple Ecosystem - Explained

I am sure all of us might have heard about the tech giant Apple, with its flagship hardware and consumer friendly software i…

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