CBSE Class 10 and 12 Term 2 Major Pattern Change !

Major Pattern Change and Updates about Term 2 Class 10 and 12 

CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 and 12 for Term 2

As per several news reports, CBSE will be releasing two types of sample papers for both Class 10 and 12 Term 2 board exams 2021-22. These sample papers will be in the format given below –

Sample Paper 1: 100% Subjective in Nature

Sample Paper 2: 100% Objective in Nature

The subjective sample papers shall comprise of 2-5 mark questions but only in the case of main subjects. Moreover, a new set of questions will also be present in the paper, testing the knowledge, conceptual clarity, and critical thinking of each student.

CBSE is in the process of releasing the Term 2 sample papers for both Class 10 and 12. Once released, students can access the same from the official portal

1) The Question Bank according to the new paper pattern for Class 10th and Class 12th will be made available by the NCERT. 

2) The Central Board of Secondary Education has partnered with the British Council to introduce the Competency-Based Education(CBE) concept, displayed on the official website of CBSE to assess the conceptual clarity and critical thinking of students the CBSE committee will introduce new questions in the Term 2 examination of Class 10th and Class 12th. 

3) Now, CBE(Competency-Based Education) has become an important aspect of Term 2 question papers. 

# CBSE Updates Term 2 for Class 10 and 12

1) Depending on the Covid-19 scenario, the CBSE Term 2 examination for Class 10th and Class 12th will be held in April or May. The CBSE Board may design the question paper in a subjective or objective manner. The pattern of the paper will be decided on the basis of the covid situation in April or May. 

2) The students will not receive their mark sheets this time that means the students who have given the Term 1 examination might not receive the mark sheet because Term 1 contains half of the syllabus and marks instead the students will receive their final mark sheets after term 2 examinations.

3) The CBSE term 1 results for classes 10th and 12th will have a minimum weightage of 50% in the final result, and no students will be failed in the Term 1 Examination.

4) Internal assessment marks in various subjects provided to students by schools will also be included with the Term 1 examination marks.

5) The students who are absent in the Term 1 examination and appeared in the Term 2 examination, in this condition their final score marks will be decided by CBSE. 

6) After the term 1 results are announced, the CBSE term 2 datasheets will be distributed. By February, the board exam schedule will be available.

Wishing you all the best for your exams and a Happy New Year !                                                             ~ Pranit Bhandari


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