Buy this penny stock right now for massive gains !

The penny stock we are going to discuss right now has good fundamentals compared to other stocks. It is a debt free company with high promoter holding and zero promoter pledge. If you hold this for 5-10 years or even a year I think it can give some massive returns. The best part about the stock is that it is less than Rs 1. You can imagine how massive your bank account balance will be if all goes well for the company. The company sounds fundamentally good and is technically very very bullish.

The name of the stock is Jai Mata Glass Ltd. I think in the long run this stock can even easily  achieve levels like 10 - 20 rs which is very good amount of return (Approximately 20x that is 2000 % returns) But beware that although the stock is cherry picked and I have personally done lots of research on the stock, penny stocks come with a huge amount of risk. So only invest that much amount of money that you are ready to forget. You can even start as low as Rs 100 to  Rs 10,000 depending upon your risk appetite. 

You can see from the chart below that the stock has recently given breakout from important levels. The Bollinger Bands, MACD and RSI all are bullish. Also, see the volume with which it has given breakout. It is huge volume almost double or triple  the average volume. This is a very important and positive sign for the stock. 

Do your analysis on the stock and if you liked it you can of course invest in it. Share this blog to all your loved ones to help them achieve financial freedom absolutely for free. 

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~ Pranit Bhandari

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