The Apple Ecosystem – Advantages

In the previous article, we had seen how Apple has created this very indulgent ecosystem of electronic devices. But the question is, why is it so indulgent? What's so special about it? Why do people prefer it? Well, let's find the answer to these questions today.

When Steve Jobs founded Apple, he had a very unique vision for Apple. He did not believe in cutting any corners. One of the very clear examples of this is the calculator for iPad. 


Before the iPad was launched, the stock Apple apps were to be redesigned and the iPadOS was to be formed. The head of this committee was Scott Forestall. Scott couldn’t complete a proper design of the calculator app before the launch. So, the iPad was launched without a stock calculator app. This issue couldn't be fixed with later software updates too, as Steve was not satisfied with the design. A while later he passed away without sanctioning the final design and as an honour to his dedication to the user interface and experience, the calculator app for the iPad still doesn’t exist. 


This type of pickiness wasn’t unusual with Steve. He had a very peculiar image of the UI and design of his products which he wanted to stick to, and happily enough Apple has still stuck to its former dedication to the quality of UI and the user satisfaction. 


This was done in a lot of ways - 


  • Apple has some of the most powerful processors that money can buy. They continue to reach the pinnacle of technology. They design their chipsets in house, leading them to reach bleeding edge technology. The A series for the iPhone and the M series for the Macs. These have increased the efficiency and speed by a lightyear. The battery life has increased to a great extent along with the temperature management.


  • Another huge advantage of Apple is the third party software compatibility. As we know, a single generally coded app will not reach its full potential on every single device. It has to be adjusted and adapted to each and every single device. This offers Apple a huge advantage. 


Let me explain with the example of snapchat. Snapchat is an app which directly accesses the camera of the phone without any processing by the mobile phone processor. Now, as each and every phone has a very varied camera set, the algorithm to process these images needs to be adjusted in the snapchat code. 


Now, Apple releases 3 or at most 4 phones a year. So it becomes easy for a company to adjust their apps for their devices. However, Android has more than a hundred phones of very varied hardware, so often many companies skip the code adjusting for 90% of them, resulting in a much better performance and experience in iPhones. 


  • Apart from the 3rd party software, Apple’s own stock software is also unmatched. Most of the other tech companies rely on android and windows for their base operating system. However, as Apple has built its own software, the flow and continuity that it can offer is also practically unbeatable. 


One common example is Airdrop. This is a method to share files and photos across apple devices. It is similar to Bluetooth but the process is blazing fast and smooth. 


Another example is the continuity feature, it offers smooth movement between apple devices. We can actually drag a file from our mac to a nearby iPad or iPhone, just like connecting an external display. 


  • Apple has come to stand for a symbol of premium devices. In a lot of devices like Xiaomi and Huawei the system software is filled up with bloatware and advertisements. They try to make the device cheaper at the one time cost and then recover their profits through ads and bloatware. That is not the case with Apple. There are absolutely no advertisements and bloatware. We even have the permission to delete some stock apps. This gives the overall experience a premium feel. 


  • The security and privacy in Apple devices is at another level. Apple is known for valuing the privacy of its users. For example, recently Apple provided a feature to block the tracking of our activity. This means that many apps like Instagram and snapchat cannot track our usage and provide related ads. Apple also has a feature to provide us with a fake email for signing up with various suspicious apps. All the emails that the app sends, if safe and clean, will be forwarded to our own email. 


  • Last but not least, the outer packaging and build quality of the products is phenomenal. All products come with a premium and sturdy finish, with a lot of attention to detail. 

For example, The Apple pencil is precisely weighted in such a way that when kept on 

A table, it would roll until the Apple logo faces up. The precise weight distribution can also be seen in MacBook's, their hinges and weight distribution is in such a way that the device can be opened with just a single hand.


As we have seen there are a huge number of benefits to being in the Apple ecosystem. However, it does have quite a few disadvantages, else why wouldn’t everyone just switch to Apple. Let's take a look at them in the next part. Do share your thoughts in the comments. Thank you for reading.

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