The Apple Ecosystem - Explained

I am sure all of us might have heard about the tech giant Apple, with its flagship hardware and consumer friendly software it has built a high stake reputation. They have built this so-called ‘ecosystem’ which can’t be compared by any other company. .

Apple products have always been great! They have excellent hardware with top of the line processors. The security and privacy offered is unmatchable as of now. Their software support lasts the longest and all products are delivered with an all around premium finish. Apple has noses in a lot of spaces - the iPhone, the iPad, Macbooks, the iMac, Airpods, Airtags and a lot more. However making products is just not enough because singularly they cannot be seen as the best value of their respective categories. They have cleverly tied together all their products with a fabulous software line-up including iCloud, iTunes, Airplay, Airdrop etc. So, as you can imagine, once they get you to take a step into this ecosystem, they can easily lure you deeper to purchase more of their products. Lets see this with the help of an example. Say you purchased a brand new iPhone, and now you are looking for a pair of. On a little research you will notice that the flow and continuity that Apple Airpods are offering you is totally unmatched. This goes from the small widget that you get on your iPhone for the battery, to the seamless pairing along with a lot of other quirks and features. Hence you decide to buy them.

Now say you need a subscription for cloud storage, music and other services. The 2 major cloud services that we see for everyday use by the public are google drive and iCloud. iCloud offers the backup of your iPhone and with this we can have the bundle of apple services. This includes apple music which gives excellent high quality sound with your newly purchased Airpods. This bundle service is called AppleOne. After this you have really started trusting this company, you do not have any complaints with the products you have, so, from now onwards you would want all the products to be of the same ecosystem. In this manner, you get trapped and it becomes really very difficult to leave this ecosystem. Now, don’t get me wrong, Apple has made a mind-blowing ecosystem. Usually an average user would find no complaints. But the problem is that you can’t even try the other products hereafter. It's like a huge garden with very tall walls, once you come inside it, it’s really very beautiful. However, the walls of the garden are so tall that you can’t see what it’s like outside. You can’t experience what the other companies are offering. Now, the question arises, should you dive into this ecosystem? Well, that's a whole other topic which I will be covering soon! Thank You !

Written By Aneesh Agarwal
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